Building up the courage~*

For a good couple of years, I have wanted to do something crazy, something fun and unforgettable… But until recently, I have been unsure about what that thing would be or if I would even be sensible enough to pull it off (those of you who know me, know that I’m a crazy person who does thing’s on impulse rather than think about the consequences – good and bad.)

Anyways! a lot of my inspiration to do what I’m doing this year came from my cousin who came back from her travels filled with AMAZING stories to tell.

I knew that I either wanted to do the study abroad thing that I heard about through other students and uni… But then I thought, how good would going to America and working in a summer camp be? The answer… at that time, was far more exciting than studying abroad!

Of course, I went home and discussed things with the parents, I was still unsure when my cousin came to visit me in my prison cell of a university shared flat room. After doing some research though, excitement took over and I just had to apply. It took two glasses of Malibu and coke but once I started that application, there was no turning back.

For once, I was going to take myself out of the comfort zone and embrace whatever was to come next!


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