From applying to being #Placed! ~*

Good morning friends! So this post has some tips about the Americamp application process, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

First of all, do your research when it comes to these things, some of the companies -ccusa, camp leaders etc. might suit you more than others but it’s usually best to compare them all before you choose.

With my Malibu and coke in hand and my cousin there to help me out with the application I was off to a quick start! – even though the website says it’ll take around half an hour tops to complete the application, we were still at it a hour later, just a word of warning. 

There are three stages to the application guys and you have to get through the first to make it onto the second. The second stage was the interview along with video and some other stuff…?

The night before the interview, I was literally like “what do I say? what do I wear? What do I even???” – you don’t need to worry about it as much as I did, it’s actually easier than you think it’s going to be. I had an interview over Skype since I couldn’t go down to England at that point and was speaking to a lovely person for over an hour. **The interviewer wants you to do well so just relax and be honest with yourself!**

Passing stage two, your stuff gets transited over to the US of A and you’re just kind of sitting there waiting for another interview to happen – this time the director of the camp that’s interested in hiring you.

Again, this interview was done over Skype and at first I thought I was doomed to fail since I couldn’t hear the director until I found a pair of earphones, after that though, the interview itself was really easy and the assistant director I had was great!

The next thing I know, a few weeks later when I’m feeling really pessimistic about getting placed somewhere, I get #Placed!

Guess who’s going to Maine in June! Fernwood Cove here I come!~*



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