My adventure to London! ~*

After I had been #Placed, a whole lot of new paper work fell onto my shoulders! The criminal background check and the Visa application I mean… 

Luckily Americamp sent me a step-by-step guide to how to fill out these forms hassle AND stress free – always good when you have exams to prep for.

The only thing I had to take care of? was getting down to London (surprisingly there is not a US Embassy in Scotland) and working out where I was going to stay since I booked an appointment for 8:30am… why I did this remains unanswered, I am by no means a morning person at the best of times! 

Anyhow, I got my train booked… that to, was a stressful time in life that did not need to happen. Do not use I swear they ran up the phone bill with the amount of times they told me it was my fault the website would not accept my card and declared that my bank account had blocked it even though I’d just purchased something a second before that. Anyhow, away from the drama, I went onto, and within five minutes I had my tickets. Deep breathes…

On the journey to Kings Cross St. in London, I was totally prepared for it. The ticket had my carriage letter and seat number, I was on fire… or so I thought. I ended up sharing my seat with a family. I had the window seat and I was trapped. I sat with my backpack on my lap since the family took over, and it was sooo weird. Do families not speak when they are travelling any more? each person was focused on their electronic devices but then I guess I shouldn’t judge. 

Anyways I got to London and I couldn’t get off the train quick enough! I was way overwhelmed though, that station was sooo huge! I met up with my cousin who was staying there at the time and we set off to see the hostel that I was staying at for the night!

Where did I stay? – The Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel of course 🙂 £18.99 for one night, yes please. Really great memories were made in this hostel room!12936771_1123634401012623_4261199728148352971_n12439415_1123634341012629_8450348777743975477_n

More posts will arrive tomorrow so make sure you keep up 🙂 ~*


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