The US Embassy! (…EEK)

Read my last post before going onto this one or you might not know what’s going on! 🙂

After checking into the hostel I met with my cousin to go out for some food and a well earned catch-up. A good place to go is this place on James Street, off of Oxford Street called Cafe Rouge – the fish cake dish was AMAZING! nom, nom, nom…

Le me in Cafe Rouge with a nice wee cocktail…


So, I went back to the hostel for the night and an early bed time for the busy start the next morning… I got carried away talking to my room mates when before I realised it, it was 2 in the morning… and I had a 5:30am start! 

So waking up in the morning was not too fun but the shower wakened me up a little!

Waking up on the go with a cup of tea from Pret a Manger and documents for the appointment just chillin’ for a while. 


I finally made it to the Embassy… How scary is this building though!


There was even a guy with a gun outside the entrance! – EEK. Once ya get inside though you get given a number and you just sit there and wait ’till your number gets called. You walk up to a booth and declare everything you bring… and then go sit down again. After waiting… not too long a time, you get called up to stand in a que to go in front of another booth, this time to answer some questions about what your plans are when you get back and then you’re done!

The whole thing took under an hour! So the rest of the day was mine, I became an excited tourist and went exploring! the photos and stories will be up on tomorrows post but I’ll end this here for now 🙂 ~*  


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