A touching sentiment ~*

Todays adventures is a little different from the rest my friends. I was out on a walk with Brinkley yesterday… and stumbled upon this;


Yesterday was not the first time I noticed this precious little memorial place. I was not even sure I would be allowed to post something like this on here without the relatives say so… but it just hit a chord with me so here I am writing about it now. If the relative sees this, I hope they understand that it is not out of some kind of malice that I write a blog  about it but see it merely as a small compliment instead.

 When I first came across this site, I remember just taking a few minutes to read over the mini plaques and just take everything in. I was overwhelmed that something this nice, this precious, could have escaped my notice on previous walks. I think I was slightly surprised to, that no one had damaged anything or stolen anything as that happens quite frequently to sites such as these all over Scotland (I don’t know if that happens anywhere else.)

I started asking myself, “Who was she? Did she come here often? Was this her favourite place?.” I wondered what she was like… It was clear to me that she was loved very much, the plaques were titled ‘Dearest Wife,’ ‘Special Friend’and ‘Someone Special.’ The flowers were also fresh which meant that people were visiting regularly. How could I have missed this? 

I also noticed how relaxed I was just by standing by this site compared to before I reached it and how there was a feeling of security when I continued my walk. When I passed it to go home, I offered a little prayer of my own and I’ll keep on doing so from now on. There was a presence when I noticed it, an almost guardian like presence.

For me, whoever she was, now seems to have become a sort of Guardian of the trail. Someone special indeed…


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