A whistle stop tour of Kilconquhar ~*

Kilconquhar… a castle estate with lodges that people can enjoy their stay in. Where is this place that no one can pronounce the name of? Scotland! I’m from Scotland and I’ve never heard of this place.

Why was I here? One of my cousin’s turned 21 on Friday just passed and for a surprise, was whisked off to Kilconquhar Castle Estate to escape from reality for a few days and me and my family were invited.

I have to say guys… if you feel like visiting Scotland and want to just embrace the peaceful pace of nature with a log fire to boot, this is the place to be. The lodge was huge, the gardens were huge, there are plenty of thing’s to do while you’re there like: horse riding, swimming, getting various massages, putting, tennis, badminton and a lot more!

I’m sorry for not taking any more photo’s but I didn’t want to seem too anti-social so here are a few for you to enjoy…

The first two photo’s were of the restaurant that we ate in that is based on the estate…. It’s a pretty cute wee place, I had the haggis bon bons and the Duck for the main course, nom, nom, nom…


This was such an adorable wee maze! – also in the estate




Sorry for the bad quality but I love coal/log fires and had to share …


Further information for anyone that is interested – The estate is near Leven 🙂 ~*


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