My second favourite place to be ~*

Hey there friends! today I will share with you some photographs of my second favourite place to chill with Sir Brinks and take in some epic (in my opinion) views.

Originally, I was going to take Brinkley to the ‘Gypsy Trail’ and catch some really stunning views but when we went up, there were a truckload of midges and mosquito’s EVERYWHERE. 

Now I’m all for embracing nature and being free, I’m even trying to ignore the midge’s etc. because when I go off to America, they will be there… and scaring the kids by screaming and running away from flying blood suckers just is not on but I’m not in America and there are some times in life where you just have to walk away and this just happened to be one of those days.

Midge’s and mosquito’s aside, we decided to go onto our local golf course instead. We were met with the peaceful quietness and precious views… and a few midges but nothing to write home about! Here are some photo’s for ya’ll to enjoy!

The last image of the trees always makes me think of something from the Studio Ghibli films! so mysterious and beautiful!

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