The fear was real ~*

Well, today’s adventure took me to the dentist my friends. I can imagine that some of you, like me have had a traumatising experience at one point in your lives with the dentist and if you have not, believe me, your time will come. Cherish your beautiful teeth while you still can my friends…

My teeth are not all that bad truth be told. My traumatic experience involved a rogue wisdom tooth pushing into another tooth. The operation, as gross as it sounds was simply to cut away some of the jaw bone in order to get this tooth out. The anaesthetic did not work until the end and so I felt every minute of it. Hence the newly established fear…

I only needed a filling fortunately… I mean, I was not looking forward to it by all means but usually when the dentist does something it helps you to feel ok for a while… until the next issue comes along. So now I have a weird feeling in my tooth and of course I feel sorry for myself too! The fear my friends, was truly real and still is today. ~*


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