A little self reflection… ~*

My friend’s, I believe it is time for me to do a little bit of self reflection since I believe Fernwood Cove has made an impact on my life so much already!
I feel like I have transformed from the terrified girl who was stressed to the max about getting on three planes by herself, to the confident more gun ho woman who throws herself into anything… literally!
Yesterday I went on my most difficult hike yet, up Tumbledown mountain.  Usually I have an incredible fear of heights and at some points, rock climbing seemed like it was going to defeat me.. but the support that my group gave not just me but everyone, was so incredibly awesome!  It was so worth it to!
We camped up on the mountain where a thunder and lightning storm hit us but everyone laughed through it and I felt like I was able to get through my fear of lightning easily!
Until next time friend’s!  😀 ~*


One thought on “A little self reflection… ~*

  1. Go you!! We always knew you would overcome your fear. Well done to everyone for doing it and helping each other!
    Sky diving next!


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