Exciting Times are ahead… **

Good afternoon my friends! boy is it hot outside. I am still having a great time even though the first week of second session has flown by. I have not really given much thought to what will happen after camp but I am starting to get excited about things now.

I don’t know if I have shared this with you guys but I feel as if I have learned so much here… I feel like I have become more sensible (maybe just a bit?) anyways, I learned a whole lot of new skills to add to my life and those are…. Archery, Wall climbing, Pottery and String art!. Oh my gosh guy’s, word’s can not describe how fun this activity is but I am an addict! #stringartisbae.

I also feel like I understand more of what it is like to be a mother… please note that I am not saying that I know everything about it but I know some of the stress, some of the proud moment’s of watching your children performing on a stage as well as the sadness that comes across you when you have to say goodbye to your children for a long period of time – shout out to all my first session kid’s, love y’all still!

Take care for now my friend’s, I hope you are all well, until next time **

P.S  all the photo’s will be uploaded after camp ends 🙂



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