Taking some time for myself… ***


Good morning friend’s, I hope you are all well and are enjoying the summer wherever you are in the world. Since I have a day off, I thought I would spend a little bit of time just to catch my breath and be thankfull for the oppurtunity my life has given me. Every day, I stop for a few minutes just so that I can catch my breath at how majestic this place is… yes, Maine does have rain sometimes and thunderstorms with occasional bouts of lightning but there is something magical about watching those storms and watching those breathtaking flashes of lightning that appear so close but you know you are safe where you are. When the sun is shining, Maine turns into a summer paradise. Fernwood Cove – the camp I’m stayng at – has a beautiful lake, which y’all might have seen on my earlier posts, which glistens when the sun touches it… a truly beautiful sight to behold.

I am stress free now that I am all sorted for where I am staying before I travel to New York and I feel like I am on zen cloud nine at the moment… I twisted my ankle twice in the space of to days but it seems to be completely fine today to so thing’s are definitely going well.

I’m so used to camp life (an extraordinary life) that I do occasionally wonder how I will cope when I hit the cities of the ordinary world… I know I will have a different outlook on everything… that’s for sure, it will be something I look forward to though and I am thankfull that I will get to spend the first few days with my friends when we stay in Boston.

For now though, I am focusing more on camp and enjoying the last two weeks I have here to the fullest! ** 



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