Being on OD **

Good evening friend’s, I hope you are well and enjoying life. Tonight I am on OD for the office at the camp. For anyone who has been at a summer camp before, you might know what this entails but for those who are unsure of what I mean, I will explain…

Every week since I began working here, there has been a night where I have been on duty (OD.) On duty means that you have to be somewhere and take care of things for that specific area until a certain time of the night and for me, I have the office tonight. I wrote for the camp blog and I have to answer any phone calls that come in until eleven o’clock… now I am surprised I’ve managed to stay up this late already since I’m usually in bed by half nine (by the end of the day I’m ready to hit the sack as it were, those of you who have shared my experience will know the tiredness of it all.)

I never thought I’d be good at office-y thing’s but I managed to not freak out when the phone rang and I was confronted with an anxious parent. I managed to keep a grounded tone of voice and lived to tell the tale at the end of the phone call. The office OD is another new first for me like so many other thing’s at camp and I appreciate the chance to learn how to work with some of  the stuff that goes on in the office.

As another night ends at this peaceful paradise, I find myself thankful for being accepted to work here and be part of the Fernwood Cove family once again.

Goodnight my friend’s, until next time ** 


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