My last early evening… **

Good evening friend’s, this is but a quick post to update ya’ll before the final session of camp finishes. 

I am now on my last week of teaching and I can truthfully say that I am super relaxed about life right now… My classes are not very big, which is cool since I prefer fewer students by means of being able to get around them all.

I am also in a new activity which helps my zen fulfil its purpose in life which is, Reading under the tree – Basically, I get a book and I go under the big tree… and I read for an hour with a bunch of campers. It may sound boring to some but once you have been teaching for a while, it is true bliss!

This summer has gone by sooooo fast, like, literally not even joking. I feel like first session was just yesterday and now I am getting myself ready to say goodbye to second session in almost under a week… I don’t know quite yet what to make of this but for now I’m just going with the flow…

Speak to ya’ll soon friend’s, stay extraordinary **


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