Boston… day one… ~*

Good evening friend’s!  As you know, I got off of the bus in Boston yesterday. “How’s Boston treating ya?” Some would ask and yesterday I would not know where to begin… 

At first I was overwhelmed at just how huge everything was… and still is! And there was the shock of seeing a ton of people around – the camp was such a peaceful place where only the counselors and kids slept, so I had no idea how I felt about this whole transition from country to city life.

I was overjoyed to be staying with people I knew especially because I’m geographically challenged and did not have a clue where everything was at some points.

Anyways,  speaking of where stuff was, as soon as the bags were dumped, it was time to hit the real world… well, the tourist parts of it anyway. We hit the holocaust memorial thican and fast… and all I can say is that it hit deep…

The beginning of the memorial. ..

Below are 4-5 pillars of all of the branded people doomed to an unforgivable crime.

At this point. .. I musthave spent 5 minutes just astounded at what my eye’s were reading. 

“My younger sister went up to a soldier with one of her friends. Standing naked, embracing each other, she asked to be spared. He looked into her eyes and shot the two of them. They fell together in their embrace – my sister and her young friend.”

Next on the agenda and on a slightly happier note,  was the freedom trail…

I have no idea why this focused on death so much, but here is the grave of Samuel Adams,  this guy was one of many that signed  the declaration of independence – found in the Kings Chapel Cemetery. 

And while we’re at it, here’s a photo of John Hancocks grave thrown into the mix as well – also in the same graveyard. 

Into the evening of that night, everyone that wanted to could meet at this bar called ‘Whiskeys.’ This was set up so that everyone could say goodbye and have a good time, here are some photos from that night… 

(I’m the blonde one… just in case. )



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