Boston. .. day two ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was so much fun!  Yes, I still felt a little overwhelmed by everything. .. but I believe I started to get a feeling of what Boston was like…

Again, it was a fun packed day with everyone! At first we went to the MIT – The Massachusetts centre of Technology. .. which was friggin’ huge! 

Then,  we went to Harvard -which I really enjoyed!

Unfortunately I never took more photo’s,  but hey ho, I had a great time! In the evening I had time to myself to wander around and I came across this cute cafe called ‘Dino’s.’ It can be found on  Salem Street and oh my goodness!  The food there was epic – as well as the staff. I had lobster ravioli. .. 

And this made me giggle…

Alas, the night drew to an end with me collapsing on my bed which is what I am going to do now, so without further ado, I wish you all a very good night ~*


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