Boston… the last day ~*

Good afternoon friend’s!  Alas, today I make my way to New York but for now I shall talk to ya’ll about my last full day in Boston – the best day in my opinion! 

So my friend’s. .. I slept in, true story. By the time I woke up,  my friend was out already and so I took the initiative to get outta bed and find somewhere I could get a nice cup of tea and a small breakfast.  Google maps helped me find a really cute and cozy place called the thinking cup. I had a cup of tea and a cinnamon cream cheese bagel, nom, nom, nom… 

Below is the table I sat at which, shows a comic strip from the past apparently as well as the other two which were taken in the toilet. It was such a nice place, oh! It can be found on hanover Street before I forget. 

Next,  since I love aquariums, that’s where I ended up! Even though I was older than most of the people in that place, I had a great time! 


A statue of a seal!

A real seal!

I forget what these jellyfish are called but they were cute!

More jellyfish! 

And finally!  Check out this dude. ..

OK,  so I have a lot more photo’s but there’s so much I want to show you! I met back up with my friend in the afternoon in another thinking cup where I had an iced coffee… we decided to go for a walk and ended up at the… Paul revere bank? Maybe it was the Charlestown river bank… anyways it was beautiful! 

Last but not least, we went to the Bunker Hill Monument. .. yes we climbed up the 299 stairs – possibly had a heart attack on the way up but we made it! 

Here is the view from the top of this building my friend’s. ..

And finally… I thought I would put this photo of the compact staircase in the mix to, this kind of thing terrifies me but at least I was not alone…

That night I said goodbye to the most amazing friend I made at camp and travelled with for that short time, Fili. Good luck in Baltimore! – Anyways, I was meant to upload this earlier since now I am in new York but no worries! 

Goodnight my friend’s!  ~* 


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