New York! Day 1… ~*

Good evening friend’s!  Today I will guide you through my travel experience to the ‘Big Apple!’ Yesterday…

My friend’s. .. for those who do not drink coffee or tea, you have my true sympathies. Moving my stuff outta the hostel in Boston and getting to where I needed to be to get the bus with no caffeine. .. you just do not want to know. I am pretty sure I made someone’s day just byet being a zombie and protesting whenever my rucksack did not want to do what I told it to.

Anyways,  without further ado, I made it onto the right bus – for once and headed on my merry way! Here are some photos from the journey…

I apologise, the photos that I took were not great quality but at least ya’ll seen what I was looking at and that’s the main thing. .. as for the next two photos,  the greyhound bus driver was super kind and took a photo of me behind the wheel and just by the logo! – I was super excited and asked if he wanted to be in a photo but he politely declined. 

At around 5 or just after, I stepped into the HI NYC Hostel. At first, I was a little overwhelmed but once I got into my dorm and settled with my bed, everything was all good. Speaking of which,  here are some photos of my dorm for ya! 

Here is my little private bit -which I loooove 

We each got lockers -heads up, you have to buy the locks here but you can keep them when you leave.

We even got a mirror!  A first for me! I am very happy with this hostel! 

Until tomorrow!  ~*


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