New York. .. Day two ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday, I fell even more in love with the city known as the ‘Big Apple. ‘ In the morning, I woke up to the calm sound of the air conditioning after the most perfect sleep on a very comfortable mattress. I have to say that this hostel is wowing me over a lot more than the one in Boston but it is all about the experience! 

For breakfast, there were two other people in the bunk and so we went down together and ate as kind of a bunk family where I learned that one of them worked in a summer camp in Maine – like me! And the other was a paramedic on vacation… wow.

After breakfast, I went and did my own thing, which was to go and see the natural museum of American history, where I found manny, cid and deago from ice age as well as dinosaurs and other epic thing’s,  check it out! 

Oh yeah! So my ticket let me into one special exhibit and because I love dinosaurs, it had to be the dinosaur one. It was all about how dinosaurs never really did die and how birds like pigeons etc. Have dino genes and stuff in them -super interesting stuff.

Anyways, here is cid the sloth…

Deago, the sabertooth – excuse my spelling. ..

And finally, manny the mammoth, all can be found in the ice age movie as well as the natural museum of American history!   

Now onto the ‘Night at the museum’ movie… I would show you everything but that would take away the surprise for you if you came to the big apple…

Introducing the easter island head! 

And as he is known in the film; Teddy! 

My friend’s,  I spent roughly four hours in this place… it is so worth a visit! Next on my agenda was the one and only, Empire State Building!  

So my dream of going up this magnificent building stemmed from the film ‘Sleepless in Seatle’ – again, excuse my spelling. Check it out… 

One more  thing!  So, it is not like the movie where you get a lift/elevator to yourself, there are roughly ten people crammed into one. A part from that though, you should be fine. 

Goodnight! ~* 


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