New York! Day four… ~* 

Good evening friend’s! So yesterday was my last full day in new York and I believe I spent it as well as I could have spent it, so without further ado, let’s get started.

The start of the day began with another movie themed/ personal story of mine. So, I do not know if ya’ll have watched the movie ‘Breakfast at tiffanys’ but it’s a classic with Audrey Hepburn, I won’t spoil it so yer gonna have to watch it to understand a little of my dream…

The more personal story is that after my grandpa passed, he left a little something behind and instead of spending it on whatever. .. I wanted to spend it whilst I was in America on something special and tiffanys was that place. This is what I bought…

This piece stuck out for me the most and so I felt it was right to buy it…

Next I went to the Intrepid museum where I had my super geek-fix at the… Star Trek Experience exhibition! check it out fellow fans! 

My friend’s. .. it was an experience and a half! I went back to the hostel to phone my brother and wish him a happy birthday before going out for tea/dinner – whatever ya call it.

I really fancied Japanese food since I did not get a chance to try it before and there are so many restaurants in New York.  And so I picked a family owned one called I Ichie. ..

Even though it did take out… the restaurant was packed and the food… to die for it was so good!

This was the soup I got as part of my main meal… it came before the starter but it was so good, I do not know what was in it but seaweed was in it and spring onion to… it was tasty!

I had Nanban Zuke for a starter… lightly fried white fish with chilli and a kind of tomato dressing, it was so good!

I had chicken Teriyaki for the main course which was unlike anything I’ve ever had at home. The real thing really is the best!

I just wanted to share this with you, this was such a cute decorated section of the restaurant that made me smile…

Finally , I will leave you with this. .. as I was walking back to the hostel I noticed this on the ground. ..

Goodnight my friend’s!  ~*


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