Portland! Day one… ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was. .. a long day. I began my day going to the Port Authority to get the greyhound bus for my first journey. I made my way to Hartford on a Peter pan  bus – part of the greyhound chain. 

After Hartford, I hopped onto the bus for Boston – another Peter pan bus…

After Boston,  I was so ready to go to bed and just go unconscious for a while but there was one more bus I had to take. .. the greyhound bus to portland.  Then and only then would I be able to collapse in what I was going to discover as one version of paradise. 

At seven at night – portland time. I hailed a taxi within seconds of arriving and could not get in fast enough. The nice driver delivered me to paradise.  The hotel is called La Quinta inns and suites  in portland, ME. Even though there may be some bad reviews, my room… everything was perfection, I could have cried. Check it out. ..

My friend’s. .. this is the biggest bed I have slept in, in three months, it’s massive!  

I got a bath! Guys, I swear at this point I was crying with joy inside. I have only been having showers for three months… and I absolutely love baths!

Finally. .. South Park was on. My night was almost complete. .. 

I was hungry since I had, had nothing to eat and drink for seven hours… and on the back of my  room card was domino’s. .. so it had to be ordered. Then and only then was my night complete. ..

Until tomorrow friend’s, take care ~* 


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