Portland! Day two ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was all about chilling out or at least hit the ground walking instead of running. The day started with an early breakfast that was included with the room. What I did after breakfast, I would not usually do in a hot country. .. I went to the gym guy’s, yes, the gym… originally I went to check it out but then I got into the spirit and had a workout. Here’s what it looked like. ..

After the gym, I decided to go for a cool down session at the pool. It took me a while to get into it since the water was so cold but I did it and in the end, it was worth it.

Once I had spent some time by the pool side, I got tired of being splashed by anonymous people that I had to find something to do. .. so what better way to say goodbye to maine than going back to Old Port. On the way there though… I came across this park.

I think the park was called Deer oak Park. ..

I don’t know if ya’ll can see this but there was a cute little house in the middle of this pond, in front of a fountain. I just had to take a photo of this scene…

This little dude was legit that close to me I swear… at one point, I thought he was going to go all duck-zilla on me since I never had any food!

My last stop for the day took me on a historical route of one of my favourite poets. In the art district of Old Port,  you can find the house where Henry Wadsworth – Longfellow lived in for a few years with his sister & Co. All I will say is that I went in hardly knowing anything about the guy bar a few of his poems to coming out knowing the story behind some of his poems and the tragic life he led. A definite must see if you like his stuff…

This was the front of the house…

This was the garden behind the house… it was huge! 

I just liked this bench…

And with the end of the tour, I walked back to the hotel to avoid the approaching rain and pack for the next day…

Goodnight my friend’s ~* 


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