Toronto!  Day two ~* 

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was so much better than the day before so get ready, there was a lot that went on starting with. .. the CN tower! 

I went up to the skypod to get some real high photo’s next…

I highly recommend this gig guys, the views are beautiful. .. it was busy when I went but apparently it gets quieter at night. 

Next, I went next door to an aquarium!  As some of you will know, I love aquariums and this one was no exception!  Check it out. ..

So,  enough of the aquarium. .. but if you are in town then I definitely recommend a visit, this place is epic!

Next, I was on to my final destination. .. Chinatown! Where I had a mini shopping spree and ate out… check it out. ..

Go to TSUJIRI for a refreshing delight… I had number 42… I can not for the life of me remember the name of it but it was good!

I went for dinner at this packed place called AJISEN RAMEN. 

I ordered this spicy ramen called Tom yum BBQ shrimp ramen. .. it was my first time having ramen. .. and I think I am a fan!

I also had bubble tea for the first time, this I am sure I am a fan of! I had the coconut flavour. .. 

That it for tonight friend’s, have a good night now! ~*


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