Toronto! Day three ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was a great day. .. an epic day even, I am so excited to share it with you!

So, without further ado, let’s get started! The first thing on my to see list for the day was to visit a supposedly haunted castle; Casa Loma. I love castle’s and learning the history behind them so to hear that it was rumoured to be haunted thrilled me even more! After my visit. .. I think I would agree that this place could be haunted, check it out friend’s. ..

This was my favourite room… a guest room with a heavy Asian influence! 

This was my second favourite room…

The rest of the rooms, I won’t spoil for anyone thinking of going but the next stage was the two towers, the Norman. ..

Then… the Scottish tower #proudtobescottish…

Check out that mist! 

The other tower! 

There are of course a few more nukes to this beautiful castle including the stables and garage… but what I want to show you is the ‘dark side’ of the castle… the tunnels where stories of death and plagues were told to you. If you are claustrophobic I recommend that you skip this bit…

After Casa Loma, I had planned to go to the Toronto music garden. .. but instead, I went to chinatown. ..again!  Specifically to the Kensington market. My friend’s, this had been kind of planned but at that very moment, I winged it and it and managed to get a tattoo! 

So, basically,  ever since I left camp I knew that I was going to get one but the where and the when was tricky. I stumbled upon this shop called Pearl Harbor in Kensington and it looked nice and clean and the staff were super nice so I thought why not? 

Daniel did an epic job don’t you think?

After the tattoo I headed back to the hotel and had a cheeky room service. .. comfort food but I believe I earned it! 

That’s it for another night! Goodnight my friend’s, have a good one! ~*



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