Toronto! Day five ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! Yesterday was my last full day in Toronto and so to finish off, I thought that I would start “where it all began” – the old town. 

I took the subway to the wrong station – Queens, when I should have gotten off at Kings but the people in the Eaton centre were very kind and directed me to where I should go. But before I left, my eye’s were drawn to the Disney shop…

Of course I ventured into this heaven and spent some money, who wouldn’t? 

I was welcomed into the old town by, as you can probably tell, ST. JAMES’S cathedral. Now, there is a story behind this beautiful structure. The cathedrals before it got destroyed or burned down. This specific one has lasted longer than the others.

This is the St. James cross, which I think was a donation but I am not quite sure…

Onto the next stop, St. Lawrence Market. My friend’s, I spent roughly three hours in here, this place is worth visiting!  It has everything! Food, shops just everything you could want!

My last stop was the St. James garden… I contemplated life here for a long time…

That’s about it my friend’s, have a good one! ~*


4 thoughts on “Toronto! Day five ~*

  1. Lovely post! I currently live in Sweden but I am from Toronto. It’s always great to read about others’ perspectives of Toronto, and it’s awesome to hear that you had a good time in my home-“city.”

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