Toronto! Day four ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday was… a peaceful day in my life. Since I never went to the Toronto music garden the other day, I decided to go yesterday. 

There is a story behind this garden… so I shall tell it now…

The Toronto music garden was designed by internationally acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and landscape designer Julie Mor Messerv to be a “landscape reflection” of Bach’s “Suite No. 1 in G Major.”

When I got there is thought I would be hearing this suite as I strolled through the park but was surprised to see, hear and find something totally different.  A reflection is what it is and this garden was a work of art. Different sounds from nature gave me its music and well. .. it was beautiful. ..

This is where live music is played sometimes. ..

This tree… was a nice tree…

Now… I do not know if anyone has seen the studio ghibli movie ‘Spirited Away’ but there is one seen that Sen is being led to… ah, the name escapes me but anyways,  she is guided to a house by a moving light post and this path made me feel like I was in that movie!

Just beside this garden was also a really cute harbour, check it out. ..

I wish I could tell you what the statues of the people meant, but there was no plaque so I can onlyassume that they signified something in history?

As I wandered around the harbour I seen these. ..

Brinkley – my dog, would probably love it here!

Anyways, the day ended with me eating at the harbour which was not as pricey as you would think! I went to this place called Amsterdam BrewHouse and even though I did not like beer I was quickly offered some wine, cider or cocktails instead, I went for a glass of red wine… and I had this. ..

The waiter recommended it to me and I loved it. It’s called the smoked brisket sandwich and it was super yummy!

I recommend anyone who is into the whole music garden/ harbour thing to visit this place, you won’t be disappointed! 

Goodnight friend’s! ~* 


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