Flying home ~* 

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday. .. was seriously long but we will get to that in a bit. I got the shuttle from the hotel to the airport at 9:15am. As I approached the airport, a feeling of sadness swept over me as I had to leave my last and favourite place to stay – Canada. I know that one day I will be back for sure!

One issue I had was when I hit my last desk of security checks at pearson airport, the guy refused to let me enter America for a transit flight without an esta – for those who don’t know,  an esta is a visitors visa for America. Now I was embarrassed because even though I had a valid j-1 visa, the guy just was not budging. I spent a stressful half an hour filling out a silly application form for the esta that once I had finished and went to a different desk,  I did not need it anyway since the guy figured out that my j-1 visa was still valid.

Anyways, onto the terminal and finally onto the plane that would take me to JFK.

The plane was legit this size, but the seats were roomy.

Goodbye Toronto. ..

Hello JFK. I needed a drink after the whole esta business and, since my next flight was five hours away, I had plenty of time to chill out. I went to this place called O’Neils which I discovered was on the slightly pricey range but the cocktail was good so no complaints! 

I thought I would treat myself to a burger while I was at it…

Goodbye New York. ..

Good morning world… at 7:10am today,  I arrived back in Scotland and was excited for seeing my family and going home.

My friend’s, there is a saying that I will use here… “there is no place like home.”

Whilst my big adventure was fun… there was nothing I looked forward to than spending the night in my own bed and connecting with the family.

Goodnight my friend’s! Have a good one, wherever you are in this world ~*


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