The battle with jetlag ~*

Good evening friend’s! Yesterday. .. was a battle of determination and will. I got home around eight in the morning which made it three in the morning in Canada. The determination to stay up for the whole day whilst having had just one hour of sleep on the plane was pretty strong, whereas my will was weak and getting weaker by the minute.

I was met at the airport by my family who came at me with a group hug and I just stood there and accepted every second of it. My friend’s, after being away for that long there is nothing better than getting off of a stinking long flight and being welcomed by your family with a hug…

Anyways, I lost the battle of the will and went to bed to have a nap for an hour and woke up,  wide awake at three in the afternoon. Jetlag then hit me for the rest of the day until eight at night when a second wind hit me and I was awake until I forced myself to go to bed at eleven.  

Jetlag. .. is a tricky one for sure… Hopefully it won’t take too long to sort itself out

Goodnight my friend’s ~* 


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