Here we go again ~*

Good evening friend’s, it has been a while since my last post but u have been pretty busy trying to get my stuff together in order to move into my halls for third year. It honestly feels too soon to go back to uni… but hopefully the year goes by fast. On my last walk with Sir Brinks, I managed to take photos to share with y’all…

I went to the ‘gypsy trail’ which is one of my favourite places for those who don’t know and so I wanted to go there before I moved out.

On the 11th, I moved into the same accommodation in was in last year, just a different flat number. My room is smaller but it’s better than the one I had so it’s all good, my flatmates are really nice to so I’m feeling optimistic about this year.

My room before decorating…

My room all decorated-minus the fairy lights. It feels more homey now I think…

I will keep you posted with all my uni adventures but for now, take care and have a good night! ~*


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