University anxiousness?  ~*

Good evening friend’s. .. today I find myself writing about something I never thought would happen to me this year. This thing is what I can only assume to be called university anxiousness.

I usually get anxious before a semester starts because of my somewhat mild social anxiety that I have going on but this year… I can honestly say that I have never felt nerves quite like this since my high school years. I write now to see if anyone feels or has felt the same as I do now and how they managed to control it.

I know for sure that, whatever is making me anxious is really stupid and insignificant and thoughts like ‘you managed to travel half way around the world to work and be a bunk mom so how are you freaking out over something like this?’ Keep running through my mind. I wish I had an answer.

Maybe it is because this year is so important in my uni life? Maybe it is just a nervousness that will disappear after a week or so. .. who knows. One thing I know for sure is that when you turn up to your first couple of lectures shaking like a leaf, somethings gotta be going on. 

For now, I will put it down to my social anxiety and hope for the best that the shakiness ceases after the first week. It is just weird since I was not like this moving in and meeting everyone. 

That is all I have for tonight, let me know if any of you have the same problems, it might be interesting to see that I am not alone in this. ~* 


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