Light at the end of the tunnel ~*

Good evening friend’s!  Alas, today was a somewhat better day in my university life. 

Sure, I only got four hours sleep and was practically a zombie… but when I ventured into my 9am class, glancing around to see a sea of zombies like myself, there was something in that moment that made me calm down a little. 

I was still pretty nervous about life but I think being half asleep made all the difference! Seriously though, I think today might be the day where my nerves didn’t quite defeat me! 

I met another flatmate to, who seems really nice! I am so fortunate to be given nice flatmates this year – not in any way am I saying last year’s were not nice. I have still to meet the last one… who is here but no one has seen them yet. Maybe I’ll knock on the door or something tomorrow if I am feeling brave.

That is all I have to say for tonight, tomorrow something exciting might happen but we’ll wait and see… lectures tend to drain the life out of me! 

Goodnight friend’s! ~* 


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