Getting there ~*

Good evening friend’s! Today was a good day… it was the first full day of not feeling nervous or nauseous. I think I’m finally settling into uni life again… which is sad but good at the same time since getting a degree is a little bit important but I do miss the life I had at camp where people seemed to be a lot more welcoming.

By no means am I saying that they are not friendly. I have such a beautiful group of flatmates this year but when I go to uni it seems like people close themselves off to the social world and are more focused on judging others or sitting with people they already know – not willing to accept new people into their lives. What happened to kindness? This is what I miss and know that I will get used to, I am thankful for the friend’s that I made in first year who I still talk to and enjoy the company of very much. 

Anyways today I thought I would take the initiative to create a deeper bond with my flatmates by asking if they wanted to go to dinner. A few of them wanted to join and so we went to nandos! 

I had a grilled chicken wrap – Mango and lime dressing – and peri-salted chips. I did have a glass of wine but who doesn’t! 

On a last note,  I wanted to share this picture with you since I thought it was kinda magical at the time… I took it a few days ago on my way back to the flat from the shops.

This was taken on the bridge that is really close to my halls. I just thought that the way the mist set on the mountains behind the Wallace monument really made an impression a against the vibrant colour of the trees… it was beautiful to look at.

That’s it for another night -sorry for my lack of posts, I swear I’ll do my best to keep on top of things, my life has been kind of hectic recently. 

Goodnight my friend’s ~* 


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