Happy days ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! First thing! Happy first day of autumn! Words cannot describe how excited I am about this season! Why do I love this season I hear you ask? The answer is simple. HALLOWEEN IS COMING.  For those who know me, y’all know I love Halloween and my flatmates have agreed to let me organise a Halloween party! So freaking excited!

Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post, the main thing being that I woke up at the beginning of this week and different person. Somehow, everything clicked into place, I became motivated,  I became the me I was before moving into the flat. I don’t know how it happened but I am glad it did and life good! 

Even if I have terrifying deadlines coming in October, I feel like the new motivation I got will carry me through! Also, by this point in the semester I would usually be freaking out about life and wondering how on earth is would survive the year but I don’t seem to have that any more. I am even on par with reading the texts for my modules! Life is looking good! 

I will leave you now with a photo of this beautiful campus and a last word to say that I will be bringing out a post at leaSt once a week…. probably one Wednesdays from now on to save myself from my inconsistencies.

Take care my friend’s,  enjoy life in all its glory! ~*


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