Life is good ~*

Good evening friend’s! So here is my weekly blog which I almost completely forgot about! Where do I begin I wonder…

Well, I met up with who I will be doing the lab experiment with for a second time and I feel like I’m making friend’s along the way. Of course, the lab report will be daunting but knowing that I will not be going it alone makes me feel more at ease.

On Saturday just passed, I enjoyed my flatmates party and so here is a photo from the beginning of the night –

I suffered from a bad hangover but it was worth it for the great night that was had! 

So far I have been keeping up with the workload – there is tones of reading to do if you commit yourself to a combined psychology/philosophy degree! It is fun though and very rewarding when you get things right.

Tonight, I went out with my flatmates – most, not all- to a japanese/Chinese fusion restaurant called ‘Bite East’ in the centre of Stirling and had a super delicious meal! 

Starting the night off with strawberry bubble tea…

A starter of crispy duck sushi rolls. ..

Not forgetting the tempura king prawns!

My friend’s,  life is good right now so with that I wish you all and epic night of greatness ~*


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