Exciting times ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! Taking off from my last post I did go to the rock society disco/hang out/ get together with my flatmates last Thursday, I had an epic time and subsequently became a member! Here is a photo from that night of head banging awesomeness that brought back so many happy memories…

I must apologise once again for posting a day later than I promised,  I had a shift at work yesterday and when I got home, tiredness took over and I just had to go to bed… next week, will be a better week for blogging.

Other things have happened, I managed to finish my first essay of the year and I’m hosting a group meeting for those of us who want to check our drafts and see if it sucks or not before handing them in so that should be fun. 

I had a lecture in a theatre where there was a giraffe ornament on the podium thing and so I occasionally got distractedby that and found myself missing like two slides but whatever, it was so cute, check this week guy out…

Anyways… I’m heading out tonight with my flatmates so it should be a good time and I’ll take a whole load of photos for the memories! 

Until next time friend’s, I hope you’re all making so many memories of your own! Enjoy life ~*


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