Crazy times! ~*

Good evening friend’s! I know it’s late but I finally made the Wednesday deadline I set myself to!

How has life been treating you? I hope all is well. I cannot stress how excited I am about Halloween coming up! I got part way through decorating but I won’t take any photographs until it is fully finished. 

On another note though, how beautiful is autumn! The changing of the leaves, the crisp fresh air that wakens you up in the mornings and not forgetting the thin layer of frost letting you know that winter is just a breath away. It is my second favourite season for sure! I managed to take a photo one day by the lake at the uni near the end of September, you probably won’t tell that it is autumn but I thought it was magnificent!

Other thing’s that have been happening have included running experiments for my psychology module for the first time which, for now, I seem to be enjoying. I went home for a few days for reading week – a week in which you are meant to do reading at home, for those who are unfamiliar with the term. Whilst at home, I reunited with the only man I need in my life right now, my partner in crime and best friend; Sir Brinks. Check out this charmer…

Who would not melt just by looking at those eye’s! anyways tomorrow I have a work night out at lazerquest, so I will take loads of fun photo’s to share with y’all, also I will take photo’s of the Halloween party I am hosting! 

Take care friend’s! ~*


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