Lazerquest and Halloween! ~*

Good evening friend’s! how exciting has this past week been for you? it has been a great one on my part so I hope you will feel my awesome vibes as I tell you all about the fun I have had recently!

So, last week I left saying that I was going on an outing with my work to lazerquest. Well, I couldn’t take my phone in to get photo’s … but it was so fun! I never knew such a great thing existed! we went to Falkirk for this epic night and beforehand, we visited this pub called ‘behind the wall’ for pre-drinks. All I can say is wow… the cocktails in this place! I had a dizzy head which… I forgot what went in it, it tasted like a better version of  pina colada though! and it was not that pricey either, good times! 

Onto lazerquest now, so, we got six games and 5 of those were really great, seriously, I have never vented out so much stress in my life! on the sixth game, all the lights got turned off – bare those covering the stairs and ramps – and surprises were brought in. I happen to have a phobia of clowns and all I can say… was a lot of screaming was had in those last 25 minutes! but all in all, I had a great time.

Halloween was just two days away and all I can say about that night was that it was the best Halloween party ever! we decorated the flat;

And everyone got joyfully drunk… or looked it anyways! here’s some more photo’s of the night – I was the giraffe;

I hope y’all had a great Halloween and had a party like I did! Until next week friend’s! ~*


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