Some ups… and downs ~*

Good evening friend’s! apologies for being a day late but when I tell you what has happened to me this week, hopefully you won’t mind the lateness…

So, let’s begin with the up side of this post! I was excited and looking forward to going out with the rock society to Glasgow last Friday. Myself, along with my flatmate, met our fellow rockers at the atrium in the uni before getting on the coach that would signal the start to our drunken adventure. here are some photo’s of the night;

I cannot remember the names of the pubs we went to but we ended up in Cathouse which was spectacular and the music did not disappoint.

Now for the down side to this post and the reason why this week’s one is so late… on Sunday night after work, I had a pretty serious crash. Now no-one else was in the car with me which was good and I walked away with grazes and whiplash – considering the roof collapsed on my head and the windscreen came at me. –  
I am recovering steadily at home and I have been given strong medication and I have neck exercises to do so fingers crossed, next week will be a better week for me.

For everyone out there driving on frosty roads, take care and until next time, good night for now friend’s ~* 


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