A new Adventure… ~*

      Good evening friend’s! I realise it has been a while since my last post… maybe a couple of months but quite a lot has happened since then and I’m ready to share those things with y’all so let’s get started!

After only revising for my exams before Christmas due to the accident I managed to do epically in my grades and got solid 2:2’s for everything so the 2nd semester of third year is already looking good. Onto the good stuff now! my next adventure in life so to speak!

Today I signed a lease on a flat with one of my flatmates from this year and so we shared the excitement of not being homeless or having to stay in student halls once more. The flat that we have gone for is beautiful and so cosy, I will be posting photo’s when we move in, in July but just signing the lease makes me realise even more that I am an actual adult and responsible for so many thing’s, some of which I am still unaware of.

    As for the internship idea that I had before, I decided to give that up as I had to chip in to buy another car after the accident I had before Christmas so my plan now is to work full time over the summer and save up for something exciting to do next year.

   So, that is pretty much everything up to date in the life of me, until next time friend’s! ~* 



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