Good evening friend’s! how have ya been since the last time I wrote? today’s post comes from an experience I had today with a flatmate which, basically brought the whole day down a level in the life of me. Let’s get started…

The day started off generally well, I got my reading all sorted for my philosophy and all was well. The next plan was to go to the gym with a fellow flatmate and vent out the rest of my illness on various machines. But, you know that feeling when your day is going so well that you can see the potential of a shipwreck smacking you in the face at some point? this is what happened. Let the rant begin…

So we – me and my flatmate – got on the bus to the uni where the gym is, and the journey was fine, until… we stopped at Wallace High School. Now, I love kid’s, there is nothing better than having banter with them. These kid’s though… I’ve never known others to be as demonic as they were. They ran up the bus, tripping each other up to where we were, sat down, shouted at each other and then… then they started throwing paper at each other – for no reason – and then they started mocking us. We ignored it for the most part but when a hat was thrown at me, I had, had enough. Probably acting against my better judgement, I took the hat and simply chucked it on the floor. We could not get off the bus fast enough and as it passed us, we seen the kid’s at the back window sticking the middle fingers up at us.

Honestly, how are parents raising their kid’s nowadays. If I were to do something like that, at that age, I would have gotten a smacked bum and been grounded for at least a week… I guess that’s Stirling high schooler’s for you – no respect at all.

The gym however was great at relieving the anger and stress I felt an I ended up going back to the flat as the person who left; calm and optimistic about life. 

With the rant over, I guess I will end this post here. Hopefully some will find it relate-able or amusing in some way but I felt like I just had to share it. Thanks for reading friend’s and goodnight for now. ~*   


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