Something Beautiful ~*

Good afternoon friend’s, before I revert back to doing a post once a week, probably on Wednesday’s, I wanted to share what I believe to be, a beautiful spectacle that nature has to offer.

There are many beautiful thing’s in this world but for me, looking at a simple rainbow after a rainstorm seems to be one of those beautiful thing’s. I woke up this morning and was able to catch a glimpse of one before it disappeared, the photo doesn’t do it justice but check it out anyways…


Beautiful right? as I spent some time looking at it this morning I began to think of what rainbows signify. To me, rainbows of course, signify the beginning of a new day. They are motivation for people to start afresh – to become better versions of who they were the day before. But most importantly, seeing thing’s like this makes me appreciate just how beautiful this world can be, (cheesy, I know, that’s just how it is today) they make me want to travel somewhere or go hiking up some hill or mountain and just be free…

Obviously being all student-y and living in Scotland, the prospect of doing something like that when it is not summer yet is unthinkable unless I wanted to get the flu. On reflection, when I was younger I used to wish on rainbows instead of waiting on shooting stars, based on the stories I heard about there being pots of gold at one end of the rainbow and other stories similar to that. I also remember playing games with my cousins and… possibly my friend’s at the time? where we used to try and run from where we thought the rainbow had started to where we thought it ended, only to find that when we got to the end point, the rainbow changed its course or something. Memories like those are, in my opinion, the best kind. The kind you think you have forgotten but surprise you when you come across something similar to those past experiences.

Anyways, Like I said at the beginning, this will probably be my last post until Wednesday as uni work and work are going to be hectic for a while. Goodbye for now friend’s enjoy your day. ~*


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