Pancake disasters… ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! as promised, I have a Wednesday post for y’all to satisfy your needs in life! I would say that the past week has been entertaining to say the least so let’s get started ~*

So, our tale begins with the delightful day that is pancake day. I love cooking and baking to all levels friend’s but pancakes somehow… take it to a new level. At eight in the morning of this faithful day, a disaster hit our kitchen hob as I descended upon it with my pancake mix and no idea what to expect. This is how it turned out… the first one you see.. turned out to be an epic fail on pancake levels;

I mean… the first one compared to the rest does look like a pancake… but it got burnt and broke and well… a future note to myself and to others would be this – do not, under any circumstance make pancakes at 8am… it’s truly an awful idea if you are not one of life’s morning people and I do not recommend it. On another note, they did taste good with white chocolate spread so I guess that’s a bonus. 

Next on my list was my psychology experiment that I got to do which involved a dog toy and playgroup children! I think I was far too excited about this. So for my developmental module, I have to be a part of a group and conduct experiments before doing a write up of a report – basically saying what ya did, how you did it, did it go the way you expected and did it answer the question. Anyways, I got to experiment with the playgroup children along with another group member and it was the best thing ever! I actually have never seen children so adorable as that before! I just wanted to adopt every one of them but I had to remain professional as I squeaked this toy with my head to see if they would do the same. Our experimentation was on imitation if you were wondering why. When I went home I gave Sir Brinks, the extra squeaky toy and he forgave me for being away from home for so long! cue the cuteness;


During my procrastination, I got some drawing done and this was the outcome. If you have ever seen Fruits Basket, (an anime for those who have not) you will know who this is… hopefully!

finished Kyo 

And that’s about it, I’m going to a rock soc social tomorrow so I’ll take more photo’s to show y’all next week but for now I will leave you with a photo of the Wallace monument and the saltire flag blowing wildly in the crazy wind that’s been going on today!

17204181_1484909694885090_1680662825_n - 2

Until next time friend’s! ~*


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