The Sisterhood Adventure ~*

Good evening friend’s! how is everyone? I have been quite busy over the past week to come up with anything major to post about but today, me and my flatmates, A.K.A – the #sisterhood as we like to call ourselves, had a bit of fun! So without further ado, let’s get started!

My day started with a meeting with my lab group for psychology in a coffee house called Ground house – For anyone who has not yet been or is visiting Stirling, I highly recommend this cosy place; especially for the white chocolate mocha with cream and marshmallows! it is honestly my heaven right now. It is beside the arcade at the back part of the centre and yeah, just go there, it will not disappoint!

17354899_1493332670709459_10832542_n 2

After the meeting, I met with my fellow flatmate and had a browse around town for a while. Before heading back to the flat, we went to specsavers and was brave enough to enquire about contact lenses – they are doing a free trial after all so I have that appointment to look forward to next week! On another note, this scene of Stirling bridge was just too good to miss out on so I captured it in a photo to share with everyone, charming right?

17311473_1493445887364804_722519386_o 2

The final piece of excitement for today was the fact that we all went bowling, even though it is technically where I work, I rarely get the chance to go with my friend’s so this was a great treat! Of course, I lost, but it was fun being there with everyone and it was good to get out of the flat. For anyone who is interested, the bowling alley is in Riverside and is a good place to go to chill and let your hair down.

17321572_1493657890676937_664816853_n 217353058_1493657764010283_631321933_n 217353060_1493657824010277_621715995_n17352574_1493657734010286_996079171_n 2

I believe that, that is all I have to say this week, but I look forward to sharing what I have in store for ya’ll in next week’s post! For now, take care and have a good life until then! ~*


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