I write sins ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! How are y’all, I hope you have all been keeping well. A few exciting things have happened between last week and now so without further ado, let’s get started…

First of all… The ‘Sisterhood’ partook in another adventure! what exciting venture was had this time? I hear you ask, well, by now I am guessing that most of you or at least some of you are aware of the new Beauty and the Beast film that came out. Our adventure took us to the local VUE Cinema in Riverside to see the enchanting take on Beauty and Beast…


So, obviously seeing a Disney movie, you have to go big or go home thus the large coke and candyfloss! Honestly though, if you have not seen this movie, please go, you will not be disappointed. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad to name but a few of this perfectly selected cast blew all my expectations out of the window. I would also like to touch briefly on the creativity on the film since bringing thing’s like clock’s, candelabra’s etc. to life is not easy, I was truly blown away. Sure, this movie may not be to everyone’s tastes and that is, of course fine but for any Disney fan it is a must see in my opinion.

Moving swiftly on, even though it is in fact spring now, you would never know if you lived in Scotland. The past two days have seen snow hitting hard… not laying… just being snow I guess. Anyways! I took some photo’s because even if global warming does not like Scotland, it gives us precious picture moments!

So, in the first one, I  only got a good photo of the snow covering the rooftops from my window as the lens could not compute the snow from my window…

17393002_1501436506565742_184702280_n 22

The second took place on the way back from… the centre of town or something? anyway, I always find snow covering the hills mesmerising so I thought I would share it with you all…

17474722_1501437519898974_1370288415_n 22

Finally, to end thing’s on a high note, I went to the gym and found myself reminiscing over the older music of Panic! at the Disco as I fought my own battle with the treadmill. If you were wondering what the title was all about, then I am sure by now you have probably guessed it. On a side note, this kind of music throws me back to my high school days where I classed myself as a ‘mosher’ before I decided somewhere along the line that I wanted to disconnect myself from fitting into any kind of stereotype. I remember the ‘Emo corner’ where me and my friends used to hang around during the breaks between classes. I even remember being a part of ‘the wall of death’ one time where we had to defend the ’emo corridor’ from the invasion of people we categorised as ‘chavs.’ Thinking back, even though I hated High School, there were a lot of good thing’s that came from it; the friends… the banter… the sharing of pain. All of those memories I will never forget. Even though I seem to have lost touch with those I considered to be close friend’s, I am thankful for the times we shared…

Wow, so that corniness just happened! um, anyways! moving on, that’s about all that I have to say this week so I will take this as a good place to wrap it up, oh yeah! So, I am apparently also able to get contact lenses. I don’t know how I feel about this but I have another appointment next week since apparently my astigmatism meant that I could not get them this week, oh well!

Until next week friend’s, take care and have a good one! ~*



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