Mother’s Day ~*

Good evening friend’s! How are we all this week?? I hope y’all had a good weekend especially if you were able to share it with your mum’s as it was mother’s day – in Scotland at least! 

As for me? I was able to squeeze in making it home in between shifts and although it was brief, I made the most of it! Sir Brinks appreciated having his partner in crime back home after he was given a toy which ultimately got destroyed within 5 minutes!



After a good wee wrestle and going through the tradition of watching the red nose day stuffs on TV, it was time to call it a night and get ready to wake up a zombie on Saturday, the day before mother’s day and the day that the clock’s went forward (I still haven’t recovered from it yet!)

As a hungover version of myself woke up on that faithful Saturday, doom loomed upon me as I realised I had to bake… with a hangover! but you know what they say, ‘alcohol is the greatest cure for a hangover.’ So, With a glass of prosecco in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other, it was time to destroy the kitchen!

I don’t think it turned out too bad if I say so myself, sure the food colouring was two years out of date but I believe it only added to the magnificent creations!



My week’s update ends with the fact that I now have contact lenses. I still don’t have the hang of getting them out yet as the thought just makes my stomach do somersaults… If anyone has any tips about how to get used to them faster, I’m all ears… or should I say eye’s. One of my flatmates had to help me get them out after a certain time which I was seriously thankful for. There was however, a tiny disaster as when I managed to get the second one out, I like, chucked it and thought it had gone down the drain! luckily enough though, after searching for ten minutes, I found it stuck onto the bathroom mirror…

Sometimes I feel like adulting is meant to be easier and that moment was definitely one of those times my friend’s. Anyway! on another note, at the beginning of next semester, I will be the publication officer for the rock society that I am a part of! exciting times! Talk to y’all next week, until then take care and have a goon one friend’s! ~*


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