Ultra Special Update ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! How have you all been since the last time? I hope you have been well, it has been a while since I last published anything but to be honest, nothing has been that exciting enough to share with you all and I don’t really wanna bore you all. Anyways! a few exciting things have happened recently which I’ll share with y’all now…

So I moved out of halls and back home for summer, or rather, just over four weeks since I’m moving into my new flat for fourth year! I will no longer be in halls people! It’s so exciting and every time I think about it, it makes me feel proud of my adult-y achievements to date!

On another note, I passed all my modules so I get to waltz into fourth year without any re-sits! – not that I’ve had to do them before, I’m just happy that so far uni is going well!

Another fun thing that happened recently is that I went to a 70’s rock night with my folks and friends! We went to a local pub to see the Ballroom Gitz – Highly recommend these guys! – They belted out classic tunes which, of course, made me get outta my seat and rock out to (headbanging was involved!) Anyway, here’s some picture’s, I won’t name anyone but I’m the one in the light pink wig…


Finally, have some charming photo’s of my doggo, Sir Brinks. If you are having a bad day then hopefully his beautiful face shall cheer you up!


That’s all for this week friend’s! have a nice week and hopefully I’ll have something for ya for next Wednesday ^^ ~*


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