On the Road Again ~*

Afternoon friend’s! how are y’all? doing good? So I am a day late but I have a somewhat reasonable excuse for this lateness. Let’s get started…

So what has happened between the last post and now? I have been quite busy for a change! I have been painting stuffs in the garden, I have been painting actual projects that I’m working on but the main thing that I have been looking towards is my doggo getting prepared for his ‘spa day.’ Now I know what yer probably thinking, a doggo going for a spa traditionally means being pampered and all that good stuff but what I actually mean is that he went to a really posh vet since our vet had no idea what his problem was. So, with Sir Brinks, we noticed he has a limp every time he walks on one paw, thus in an effort to help him out, this appointment was crucial.

We woke up in the early hours to drive our precious doggo forty minutes down the road to a clinic in the East Neuk of Fife – near Cupar and St. Andrews – to have him checked out. We left him for a few hours so that he could get a CT scan which would, hopefully, give us a diagnosis. In the meantime, we – my dad, brother and myself, – went into a lovely little harbour town called Anstruther…

This place takes me back to my college days when I went on a trip for a photography module that I was studying so it was nice to go back there with fresh eyes and see how the place was doing! I took some photo’s of course so I’ll share some with y’all now…

We didn’t just walk around this precious harbour, we stopped off at two places, the first being a small corner cafe called Coast where we had food – for me it was a bacon, brie and cranberry panini which was delish! The second place was another small cafe called Anstruther Boathouse – this place had a really vintage-type feel to it an the staff were beautiful human beings! I had a mocha and as is tradition, I took photo’s of both of these creations!

For anyone who is interested, these places are not too pricey and give visitors a welcoming environment to chill for a while and take in the scenery that Anstruther has to offer!

Back to Sir Brinks now and when we got back to the vets, there was an update waiting for us. The poor soul has elbow dysplasia, however it is not bad enough to need operated on quite yet! so basically, we have to keep him on medication and just keep an eye on things to make sure they don’t get any worse. At least it wasn’t a tumour! So, that’s about it friend’s, I will leave y’all with a photo of Sir Brinks coming back from the anesthetic, falling asleep with his new toy in his mouth.


Take care friend’s! enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with more next time! ~*



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