Fuertaventura – Touching Down ~*

Good morning friend’s! How have you all been? Alas I send over greetings from the Canary islands! I should pretty much be able to do daily posts for y’all now that there is much excitement to be had on this new adventure!

So, we arrived at the airport in Edinburgh, stress free and ready to go on our Duncan family adventure! We went to a nice pub called Fringe and I had a super tasty chicken burger and wedges!

As we wondered to our gate, we were greeted by a que of confused and slightly impatient people wandering what was happening. If you’ve ever flown with Ryan Air then you’ll understand but if not then just don’t. Don’t do that to yourself, it’s not worth it. 

After half an hours delay and listening to other people complain, we safely found our selves seated on the seats and were ready to begin our journey… here are some photos of the flight…

My compulsory Gerald photo…

We touched down in sunny Fuertaventura at around 7ish and were greeted by the lovely person who would take us to our 3-storey apartment! Located in the El Sultan complex is our beautiful apartment! I would show y’all photos of it but the WiFi didn’t feel up for it so I’ll try again tomorrow!

The main thing is that we all got here in one piece and enjoyed what was left of the night, drinking wine and munching on some tapas! Stay tuned for more! 

As always friend’s, take care and speak to y’all next time ~* 



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