Fuertaventura – Day 1 ~*

Good evening friend’s! Here’s another post with photos this time! So without further ado let’s begin…

So, slight regression back to when we landed and first arrived to the apartment…

Here’s our 1st floor terrace ( I was too excited to take photos of the other two! )

I have my own room this time round which has proven itself to be a godsend!

This is the view from my window…

Now that we’re all caught up in feel it’s time to move onto the first full days event’s!

                                ~ Day 1 ~

After the exhaustion of the night before we all felt like we needed a well earned day of sun worshipping and pool loving. And that’s exactly what we did after a small shopping trip to get more wine and essential food stuffs.

Below is a photo that I took of part of the pool which was, and still is, glorious to swim in…

Speaking of wine… I found myself a wine to suit my obsession with giraffes! And what a good wine it was to! 

When it came to tea time (dinner time) we went to the old town to a restaurant called EL Torres or something to that effect? Anyways! Out of 10 I would rate it a solid 6… the food was ok but the service… really, truly not so. I would not recommend it if ya asked me but everyone has a different experience so each to their own, I certainly won’t judge…

The night was rounded off with a good game of gin rummy before our heads found their way onto our pillows for a night of sweet dreams…

That is all for this post friend’s, until next time, take care ~* 


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