Fuertaventura – Day 2 ~*

Good morning friend’s! How are we all today? As for me, I am still in paradise, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying life, as usual! Shall I begin this next day in our adventure? I think I shall…

So! After the day of relaxation, we found ourselves geared up and ready to go exploring some of what this place has to offer. So we got all creamed up and wandered where our feet would take us…

After about 20 minutes we came to a small local market, of course, we ventured in to take a look… my brother and I got ourselves an oil painting done on linen by a local artist and my folks came away with a wooden plaque, carved by the owner of the stall himself!

After what I’d say was a 15 minute walk away, we stumbled upon a beach called Waikiki… have to say, I was stunned when I seen the views that awaited us! Here’s some photos for y’all… 

So, this place you can literally sit with yer feet in the sand, looking out to the sea whilst drinking a cocktail… which I did. I had the hunky drink cocktail which consisted in the most part of; southern comfort, passoa, Mango juice and cream, white rum and lime juice! I also snacked on a hawaiin (sorry if it is misspelt) sandwich which consisted of; crab, pineapple, lettuce and tomato. Very delish.

Finally… feast yer eyes on this beautiful beach, showing… was it, Casa Lomo? Or maybe just Lomo… anyways! It shows off the small island that is the closest one to us. It happens to have nothing or noone staying on it as we have been told but it’s pretty to look at for sure!

On the way back, I was pleasantly surprised from the amount of rock shops (as in rock music/era, that kinda thing) there are! My rock needs have been well satisfied…

When it came to tea time, I digress slightly as I made a mistake on the last post, which I came to realise after reading back in my journal. At El Torres, I had a smoked salmon starter and hake for a main course. It was at a restaurant called Poco Loco that I had the sautéed mushroom starter and squid rings for a main. I believe I now have what my folks are calling holiday brain! Anyways, I’d rate this restaurant a 7/10 so it is getting higher day by day!

I believe that is all for this one friend’s but tomorrow will have a new post of summer bliss. As ever, take care and speak to y’all next time! ~* 


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