Fuertaventura – A crafty sort of day ~* 

Good morning friend’s! It’s just me again with another post here! I hope you are all fine and well and enjoying life as much as I am. Let’s begin what was the fourth day of this epic holiday…

This was the day that I had to say my goodbyes to the beautiful vintage bike I had rented, so I had my brother take a commemorative photo of me with it just to show y’all how epic it looked! 

As I went to return it though, the nice man let me extend my rent period until later that day! The people here are really quite friendly I have noticed… so where was next on my agenda of things to do? Well there was a craft market on so that’s where I headed since I love that kinda thing anyways! It was just across the road from the bike shop and there were many stalls to feast my eyes upon… I ended up buying a piece of magical photography mounted upon a black background of wood. Now I don’t usually appreciate photography as much as I do paintings but this guys photographs were just out of this world! I forgot his name sadly but it began with E.

After depositing the photographed piece in the flat for safety, I led the rest of my family to the harbour so that they could see what I was able to see… of course we stopped off at the waikiki lounge bar place for a cocktail or two – since both me and my brother had bikes, we just took off as our folks walked the journey. Anyways! I had the sweet tentation cocktail followed by the daikiki a la fresa one, they were both equally delightful in taste… below is the sweet tentation cocktail…

This was a photo I took of the beginning of one of the market rows we walked by…

I would show y’all the beautiful sunset that I captured as we walked for our team that night but I can tell you that this restaurant called La Calesta scored a 10/10 for atmosphere, food and service! If you are in this neck of the woods go here! I had seafood soup for a starter, meat ravioli – napolitana style – for a main and finished with a beautifully homemade blueberry cheesecake…

After the beautiful meal we all had it was time to retire to our beds… and that’s about it for this post! 

I’ll try and get the sunset photo uploaded for tomorrow’s post, also I’ll put up the name of the photographer when I unpack his photo at home because he was truly something! Until tomorrow then friend’s, take care for now ~* 


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